Ghost Desktop Theme

A futuristic theme inspired by Ghost in the Shell (for KDE 4)

Tragedy Desktop Theme

KDE's most tragic theme.

Socialite Theme for GNU Social (& StatusNet?)

A clean facebook-esque layout created for GNU Social. Built from the StatusNet Base & Default themes by Sarven Capadisli

I created and tested this theme for use with GNU Social. I have not tested for actual SatausNet support, but I imagine it should work okay.

SVG Moon Phases

Scalable version of luna.svgz for a better looking Luna widget at larger sizes. Ships default with KDE4, but the latest version can always be found here.

Luna.svgz is installed by default with the "Luna" widget (by Davide Bettio) since KDE 4.4

Thanks to Jose Alcalá (author of Luna Enhanced) for coming up with the idea, testing, & feedback.

Thanks also to Dominique Bribanick for her bitmap version from which I copied the style with permission.